Department of Social Welfare and Community Development

The Social Welfare and Community Development Department (SWCDD) is established at MMDAs as per Second Schedule of the Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936).

Child Protection Committees
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Monitoring Juveniles Under Probation
Educational Campaigns

SOCIAL welfare services available to citizens 2023


  • To ensure effective and sustainable promotion and protection of the rights of Children in the District.
  • To improve standard of living in the various communities through quality community care and support services and social protection services in the District
  • To provide quality service in administration and delivery of justice especially involving children.
  • To internally build staff capacity and skills toward achieving Departmental goals and objectives.

Output Indicators/Targets


  • Formation of child protection committees in 40 communities in the District
  • Sensitization and awareness creation of Child Labour menace in 6 Child labour prone communities
  • Successful resolution of all (100%) reported cases of child rights abuses at the Department
  • Educational campaign of Child rights promotion and protection in 24 institutions/organizations/communities

community care and service program

  • Registration of persons with disability in 12 communities in the District
  • Quarterly (4) monitoring of beneficiaries of Disability Fund every year
  • Quarterly (4) monitoring of all Day Care Centres in the District every year
  • Quarterly (4) Training of Care-givers and Attendants in Day Care facilities every year
  • Annual Performance Review of Day Care operation with Operators and other stakeholders
  • Quarterly (4) Supervision of NGOs activities in the District
  • Rapidly responding to all (100%) referral cases from Agogo Presbyterian Hospital
  • Monitoring of all (6) LEAP payments activities within the year
  • Organizing community durbar in 12 communities
  • Organizing  Vocational and Technical training in 12 communities
  • Organizing  Home Management programs in 12 communities
  • Organizing Mass Education programs in 12 communities
  • Enrolling all (100%) the vulnerable, the excluded and indigent reported at the Department into NHIS and on the Department’s Vulnerability album
  • Quarterly (4) monitoring of community based activities in 10 communities


  • Monitoring of all (100%) Juveniles under probation referred by the District Court.
  • Preparation of all (100%) Social Enquiry Reports referred to the Department by the District Court.
  • Organizing quarterly (4) report reviews and internal service training for staff in the Department

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